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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rehab of Grand Stairway Wainscot - Hyde Park

When this homeowner installed upgraded insulation and a new a/c system for their 100 year old home , it caused the trim work to reaclimate to the lower humidity. The slight shrinkage to the wood caused the paint to crack and peel.

We were asked to refinish all the woodwork in the stairway to it's original pristine condition.

To achieve a beautiful, uniform, long lasting enamel finish requires lots of preparation. Don't let other painters fool you...you don't just apply a coat or two of paint.

As you see here our processes include protecting flooring, removing peeling paint, sanding, filling and quite a bit of patience.

It dosn't just happen.

It is a messy task to do the job properly. Containing the dust generated is also time consuming and must be done regularly after every procedure.

Quality finishes don't just happen. It requires sanding...lots of sanding ! That means messy dust in the air, but rest assured - we contain it all. This picture shows one of our craftsmen sanding filled and primed wainscot of our stairway.

Olde World hand painted enamel finished by skilled craftsmen.

We take great pride our work. And our homeowner could not be happier.

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