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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Water Damaged Custom Home

Who said if you are not in a flood zone you are immune from the threat of water entering your home. These are the results of a unusually heavy Central Florida summer rainstorm.

This unfortunate homeowner (not in a flood zone) was the victim of flooding. An adjacent neighbor recently developed their property and altered the natural drainage of the land.

During an unusually heavy downpour, storm water from connecting property found its new path. Water entered the home and wet the entire first floor. Fortunately extraction process began within hours and hardwood floors were saved. This is a testimonial for engineered hardwood flooring. The floors were saved, but all interior trim that meets floor absorbed moisture and quickly began to swell.

All carpeted areas were removed. And because baseboard and case molding was custom milled, we decided to salvage versus replace all interior affected trim. Our efforts were a team approach with the talents of General Contractor Ron Rybolt. Ron and his team of attention to detail carpenters gently disassembled, marked, and numbered all components of the baseboard.

Once numbered, all components were handed over to our team for rehabilitation.

Our processes include treatment for any possible mold, removal of all caulking material, removal of excess paint build-up, fill any voids or indentations created during the removal process, spot priming of all repairs and exposed bare wood, and of course "our favorite" lots of sanding. This was done in a temporary shop outside of the residence. Thus keeping construction dust to a minimum.

As you can see our craftsmen at John Psomas Painting have the temperament to perform these time consuming, labor intensive tasks.

When all prep was completed we turned over all trim to Ron's team for reassembly. Ron's carpenters refastened all base and misc. trim not interfering with existing wallpaper.

Once installed, all holes were filled and sanded flush, All components were meticulously caulked to the existing wallpaper and 2 coats of gloss enamel was applied by brush.

As you can see, there is no evidence of water intrusion to the interior trim.

Time consuming, yes...

Cost effective compared to re-milling of new custom trim, yes...
Happy Homeowner...Oh YES !

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